Guided by scientific understanding of restoration principles, our Habitat Restoration Program works to improve floodplain and riparian habitats within the Willamette Basin, in collaboration with multiple partners including private and state landowners and conservation organizations. 

Our current projects include:


1. Ross Island

Location: Portland
Size: 50 acres
Activities: invasive removal, native planting, public education and restoration work parties

2. Spring Park & Elk Rock Island

Location: Milwaukie
Size: 8 acres
Activities: invasive plant removal, native planting, trail building, restoration work parties


3. Willamette Mission State Park

Location: Gervais (north of Salem)
Size: 400 acres
Activities: large-scale floodplain reforestation including invasive removal, planting, and restoration work parties

Norwood Island

Location: Harrisburg
Size: 120 acres
Activities: invasive removal, water trail campsite enhancement, public education and restoration work parties. WR manages this property and has entered into purchase agreement with the owners, which will have the island in WR ownership in 2018. 

At the confluence of the Long Tom and Willamette Rivers, the island presents significant opportunities to remove invasive weeds, and to better enable existing native schrubs and trees, to flourish. The island also hosts two Water Trail campsites, and a primitive trail system that makes overnight stays and exploration possible where designated on the property.