Board of Directors 


James Tiefenthaler, President - James is a long-time advocate for the Willamette River’s health. He is an avid outdoors person, and works to steward the Norwood Island property in his spare time.  James is a Manager of the Pearl District REI. In the rest of his free time he plays live original music around the Portland metro area where he is developing a significant following.


Belinda Covarrubias - Born and raised in the Southwest, Belinda enjoyed discovering the fragile riparian ecosystems that exist in the Sonoran Desert.  Since Moving to Eugene over 20 years ago she has spent many years canoeing and rafting Oregon's beautiful waterways developing a strong interest in conservation of the Willamette river. Belinda has worked as a nurse for over 20 years and has a strong affinity for limiting pollution in our water ways to protect public, and ecological health.  Her passions include boating, backpacking, birding and adventuring with friends and family. 


Bart Rierson - Bart first fell for rivers during the early 1980s when he worked as a whitewater rafting guide while attending college in Bend, Oregon. Raising his family and work demands pulled him away from the sport for a time.

Bart’s River Fever is back. He and his family enjoy paddling canoes, kayaks and SUPs year round on their home waters of the Willamette. He is a Paddle Oregon pod leader, and frequent volunteer for WR adventures. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Chehalem Park & Recreation District, and is a former member of the Newberg City Council. 


Jessie Rohrig - Jessie has been playing in the rivers and forests of Oregon her whole life, and uses the expanse of the trees and the night sky to recharge and refocus.  She is a pod leader for Paddle Oregon, and supports other WR adventures especially in summer. The rest of the year Jessie is a middle school science teacher.

As a teacher she hopes to cultivate a sense of wonder and awe in her students, the future generation of citizens and voters.  She encourages young learners to follow the evidence and check that any scientific claim they encounter is backed with ample data and sound reasoning.  She enjoys sharing stories of her participation in WR’s mussel research with her students. She believes that no person can complain about the state of things unless they are taking action in some small part, which for her is teaching and advocating for wild places.


Scott Youngblood - Scott works for Oregon Parks and Recreation Department as the Willamette River Greenway Ranger. He helps take care of state park land along approximately 105 miles of the Willamette River and its tributaries. His work involves coordinating with many other government agencies, watershed councils, land trusts, farmers, and members of the public to restore and protect the riparian corridors along the river, as well as providing resources for recreational users.

It’s no surprise that Scott has always been drawn to rivers. He feels they are essential to life and to many, essential to a happy life. He hopes that his work will help make the river a cleaner, healthier river for his daughters and all the other citizens of Oregon to enjoy and be proud of. Scott lives within 100 yards of the river, and when he is not working, you can find him canoeing and swimming in it’s waters.