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We believe a river with excellent water quality, abundant natural habitat, safe for fishing and recreation is a basic public right.

This is YOUR river! 

Since 1996 we have proudly served as the eyes, ears, and voice of the Willamette River. Our programs, together with your support, enable us to effectively generate positive change.


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NEW Limited Edition Poster

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This beautiful print takes inspiration from the iconic 1930s era WPA posters which depicted National Parks, Monuments, and Natural Areas with the goal of encouraging the public to seek out these special places. In that same vein, we created this work with local graphic designer, Chris Marron, to celebrate your very own "187 Miles of Wonder." Now go explore!

NOTE: Print only orders will be mailed via USPS and should arrive in about a week, while all framed orders will need to be picked up by you at Art Heads Portland location, and will be ready in about two weeks time.

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Video: Our Freshwater Mussel study was recently featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting's "Oregon Field Guide."  View our segment below. Help fund our continuing research with your purchase of our  awesome "Mussel T-shirts!" Click HERE to view/purchase

mussel shirt!

Help fund our continuing research with your purchase of our awesome "Mussel T-shirts!" Click HERE to view/purchase.


New Property: We are thrilled to announce that we have received a wonderful donation of 107 acres of riverside land to be known as The Nicol Sanctuary. This new WR Greenway property is a few miles downstream of Willamette Mission State Park in Yamhill County. Over the next few months we will provide a primitive Water Trail campsite, begin removing invasive weeds from the property and develop plans for additional habitat restoration work. Thank you Gorham and Robin Nicol for the wonderful donation!

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Protect, Restore, Enjoy: We are all Willamette Riverkeepers!