1. Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

    • Yes, all donations, no matter the size will receive a receipt.  Online donors receive an email receipt and off line will receive a mailed receipt. 

  2. Can I donate supplies as an in-kind donation?

    • Yes! Please see our in-kind donation page for a list of current items that would be helpful! 
  3. Is Willamette Riverkeeper a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization? Is my donation tax-deductible?

    • Yes, we are a 501c3 organization and registered with the United States government.  All donation are tax-deductible (minus any gifts received based on your level of giving). 
  4. Can I donate in a currency other than US dollars?

    • We currently only accept US dollars for donations
  5. Can I earmark my donation for a certain area/project?

    • Yes, please contact our Development Director to discuss a guided donation.  You can also include this information with your donation. 
  6. Can I limit the amount of mail I receive?

    • If you would prefer not to receive mail, please let us know and we can remove your name from our mailing list. 
  7. Can I give through a donor advised fund?

    • Yes, please see the Other Ways to Give page for more detail
  8. Can I make a gift of stock?

    • Yes, please see the Other Ways to Give page for more detail
  9. Can I make my donation as a tribute in honor or memory of someone?

    • Yes, please make note of this in the online form or when you mail in a donation
  10. Does  Willamette Riverkeeper have a Major Giving program?

    • Yes, donations of $500 or more are considered a Major Gift (one time or combined giving over a 12 month period).  For more information see our Major Gifts page. 
  11. Does  Willamette Riverkeeper offer planned giving?

    • Yes, for more information contact our Development Director or see our Planned Giving page. 
  12. How do I join  Willamette Riverkeeper Recurring giving program?

    • You can sign up for monthly, Quarterly or Annual donations through our online form. 
  13. How do I update my monthly giving financial information?

    • To update your giving information, please contact our Development Director. 
  14. Will Willamette Riverkeeper accept a matching gift from my company?

    • Yes!  Please contact us if you need any further information.