Your membership Donation enables us to achieve meaningful gains in securing the protection and restoration of our mighty Willamette River. 

Your support allows us to:

●      Enforce the Clean Water Act throughout the river system
●      Advocate for a robust clean up of the Portland Harbor Superfund site
●      Restore habitat to benefit increasingly threatened wildlife and healthy river function
●      Combat invasive, ecologically harmful species like rapidly spreading aquatic weeds
●      Organize clean up efforts to remove unhealthy and unsightly trash from our riverbanks
●      Connect the community to the Willamette through on-the-water education and recreation experiences that promote stewardship
●      Enhance your experience of the Water Trail through improved signage, access, and online information sources such as the website and social media

Donate online, or mail a check to:

Willamette Riverkeeper
1515 SE Water Ave #102
Portland, OR 97214