Willamette Riverkeeper provides great opportunities to volunteer your time to learn more about the river, contribute to our programs, and become involved in river issues. Here are just a few ways that you can volunteer. Please contact [email protected] with your volunteer interests or email one of the contacts below.


Restoration Work Parties

We have a robust restoration program and would love to have your help bolstering a scheduled restoration work party, or even accompanying us in the field for various support roles (sometimes by canoe).


Outreach Events

In order to reach out and talk with people about issues related to the river and our organization, we often need volunteers to represent Willamette Riverkeeper at events and presentations. These range from annual festivals, to monthly club meetings, weekly Saturday Markets and special events, like school fairs and paddling demonstrations. If you are interested in learning about the river and Willamette Riverkeeper and would enjoy sharing what you know with other people, this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.


Paddle Trip Assistant

Are you interested in sharing your canoe or kayak paddling skills with beginning paddlers? Do you have knowledge of a certain stretch of the river you would like to impart on others? Help on our River Discovery Paddles with safety, paddling instruction, outreach and educational components, or whatever skills you might have to bring to the program.


River Guardians (Eugene/Springfield, Corvallis, Albany, Salem/Keizer, and Portland Metro)

We are always seeking volunteers to monitor the riverbank, report on trash, and to detect other activities that may be detrimental to water quality and the health of habitat. River Guardians patrol the river on a monthly basis often by boat, and also by land where access is possible. Our River Guardians go through a basic training, report their trips back to WR staff, and work with WR staff to resolve an issues that may be detected on their patrols. 

This program is hands-on, and provides an additional presence by those who care about river health in their area. Over the years River Guardians have been responsible for finding everything from illegal dump sites, to water quality violations and more. If you are interested, have the time, and aptitude, get in touch. For Eugene and Springfield, contact Michelle Emmons at [email protected], and for other sites Travis W. at [email protected] 


Office Admin

We often need help improving our office technology, entering data, filing, preparing for an event, getting together a mailing, cleaning our canoes and organizing gear.


Email List

A simple way to learn of our on-going volunteer needs and to increase your knowledge and involvement in river issues is to sign up for our email list. Emails provide information via monthly communication and periodic alerts.