River Guardians

This monitoring program was started in 2001, and ran to 2009.  As time and understanding tend to help crystalize next steps, we brought back this program in 2015 due to the massive amount of riverside activities that were occurring in Eugene and Springfield. Since then, the program has expanded again to Corvallis, Salem and the Portland Metro area. 

The goal of the River Guardian Program has been to have a regular presence along the river to watch for dump sites, abandoned camps, habitat destruction and other impacts to water quality and habitat. Volunteers monitor a stretch of the river monthly or more, and take action or followup with WR staff.  When volunteers are interested, WR staff discuss their capacity to travel the river, or visit key riverside sites, and then join them for an outing on that stretch of river or specific site. Then, the River Guardian reports monthly or more about any issues that have been identified on that stretch. It is that easy. 

To take part in this program, contact [email protected] to participate in the Eugene or Springfield areas, and contact [email protected] for Corvallis, Salem, or the Portland Metro area. Thank you for getting in touch!