Report Pollution


We need your help when it comes to being the eyes, ears, and voice of the river. If you spot a suspicious spill or obvious pollution in or alongside the river, let us, or an agency like the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), know about it.

When citizen advocates bring an issue to our attention, we investigate, and assure that actions are taken to resolve any issues. While our actions will vary depending on the problem, we aim to assure that the environmental laws that protect our rivers are being enforced on a local level.

Possible issues of concern include erosion, discolored water, trash, and riverbank disturbances. Others might involve proposed developments or local land use decisions with the potential to impact water quality or riverside habitat.

Contact Willamette Riverkeeper: call 503-223-6418 or e-mail [email protected]
Contact the DEQ: call their complaint hotline 1-888-997-7888, or use their on-line form

When making a report, be ready with as much of the following information as possible:

     What is the problem?
     Where is the problem?
     What kind of material is involved?
     How much is there?
     Who is responsible for the material?
     Take a picture if at all possible (which can be sent in an e-mail following your report)

For a better idea of what river issues to look out for, or who to contact first, view the following documents.

Observation Program Manual

River Issues: Who To Call First and Report Form